Your firm is unique.
Your challenges aren't.

Propel Studio    in Portland, Oregon

Propel Studio in Portland, Oregon

✓ Can I afford to hire a new employee?
✓ Should I change my firm name?
✓ How can I plan for ownership transition?
✓ What should I spend on a website?
✓ Should I bother with social media?
✓ I work around the clock, why aren’t my profits larger?
✓ How can I empower young leaders in my firm to take on more responsibility?
✓ Where do I start with business development?

These are the types of questions that we answer every day. Firms with 3 - 25 employees have much different challenges than larger firms. CVG offers customized solutions.

How do you compare to other small architecture firms?



How we work with you.


With an investment partnership, both CVG and our partners have a deep commitment. CVG offers any (or all) of the below services as required to help firms meet aggressive growth targets. In return for this effort, CVG is paid a percentage of their quarterly revenue. If a firm doesn’t profit, CVG doesn’t profit. We share the risk.

Each relationship begins with a holistic business assessment report where we review financial metrics, marketing and business development efforts, operations, and culture. From here we benchmark your firm against similar firms in the industry, and offer related recommendations.

Our goal is to create action behind your aspirations. We seek out clients with a passion for growth and a dedication to becoming stronger businesses.


CVG CEO, Todd Reding at AIA Seattle

CVG CEO, Todd Reding at AIA Seattle


Services Offered

Financial Planning

✓ CFO Advisory Services
✓ Profitability Analysis & Revenue
✓ Forecasting

✓ Budgeting
✓ Accounting Support & Outsourced
✓ Bookkeeping
✓ Financial Literacy Educational Programs for Staff

Operational Improvement

✓ CEO Advisory Services
✓ Strategic Planning - Retreat Facilitation
✓ Leadership Coaching
✓Recruitment Services
✓ Organizational Design
✓ Planning for Branch Offices
✓ Firm Culture Assessments & Advisory Services
✓ Full-Staff StrengthsFinder™ Testing
✓Administrative Process Improvement

Marketing & Business Development

✓ CMO Advisory Services
✓ Rebranding
✓ Graphic Design
✓ Website Design & Updates
✓ Messaging Strategies with Writing Support
✓ Marketing Strategies & Plans
✓ Social Media Content Development
✓ Target Audience Definition
✓ Press Releases
✓ Webinar Development
✓ White Paper Development
✓ Proposal Review
✓ Project Interview Training
✓ Business Development Coaching
✓ Lead Generation & Management
✓ Proprietary CRM Software Access