Charrette Venture Group Adds to Its Senior Team

Charrette Venture Group (CVG) announces its newest member of its senior team, Emily Hall.  Hall will begin her role as vice president for marketing on September 1, 2017.  She has been serving as a senior associate and the director of marketing and new business development for Union Studio Architecture and Community Design in Providence, Rhode Island for the past seven years. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Colorado College, a Master of Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Rhode Island.

“Emily has advised our group for more than a year, offering marketing direction for our investment partners and our own firm,” said Todd L. Reding, CVG’s president and CEO.  “She is a stellar professional with over 16 years experience helping small architecture firms grow their marketing programs and will bring enormous value to the team,” he said.  Hall has managed multiple rebranding and renaming projects for firms, as well as conducted numerous messaging exercises.  

“I look forward to helping CVG continue to grow and positively impact its design community,” said Hall. “Every architectural firm is different, and this opportunity enables me to help our clients communicate how they’re unique,” she said.

Charrette Venture Group is one of the world’s only investment firms focusing on small-to-mid-sized architecture firms.  The group provides services, technologies, group purchasing programs, and other assets related to improving the business side of a design firm, and offers a shared risk revenue model.

Charrette Venture Group is currently considering new investment partners in key geographic areas.  For more information, visit or call 515-207-2422.