Lisa Saldivar joins the Charrette Venture Group Team as its Brand and Website Design Expert

Charrette Venture Group (CVG) and Lisa Saldivar of Portland, Oregon have partnered to bring expanded services to new and growing design firms.  Saldivar assumes the role of the brand and website design expert serving CVG investment partners with their brand and digital strategies. “This is an area where many small to mid-sized design firms struggle,” says Todd Reding, President and CEO of Charrette Venture Group.  “Many firms place too much emphasize on elements of their digital strategy that do not produce results, and a consequence is not enough attention to the pieces that do create results,” says Reding.  “Our firm wants its partners to maximize their investments in brand and website design, and truly measure the impact,” he says.  “Lisa Saldivar is an expert at getting this done.”

Charrette Venture Group has grown its network of investment and staff partners throughout the United States and Canada as the first, and apparently only, investment firm focusing on the architecture space.  The firm’s team of experts cover areas from finance, to operations to digital marketing.

“I’m thrilled to join such an accomplished team of professionals,” says Lisa Saldivar.  “We’re already making a tremendous impact on our partner firms, and I look forward to contributing to their enormous success,” she says.

One of Saldivar’s first accomplishments was the rebranding and redesign of  CVG announced its investment in EntreArchitect in August of 2015.  The online platform offers products and services (documents, courses, coaching, consulting, information, membership-based communities, research, and more) for owners of architecture firms who seek to improve and grow their business.  The new design was launched January 1, 2016 and has already attracted a growing number of members in EntreArchitect’s small group Academy program.

Charrette Venture Group is a global venture firm focused on professional designers of the built environment.  The group seeks to positively impact the way new and growing design firms operate throughout the world.  For more information, contact Todd L. Reding at