Charrette Venture Group announces its partnership with EntreArchitect


blogCharrette Venture Group and Entrepreneur Architect (EntreArch LLC) are joining forces to fuel Entrepreneur Architect's growth and further expand the company's ability to positively impact small architecture firms. The partnership was announced this week as Charrette Venture Group has completed its research phase and is actively pursuing investment partnerships. "This deal will help EntreArch reach its goals much faster," says Mark R. LePage, owner of EntreArch LLC. "Charrette Venture Group brings an array of resources to the table, and it is exactly what we need to grow the Entrepreneur Architect platform to be an influential force in the profession," says LePage.

EntreArch LLC operates under the brand Entrepreneur Architect ( and has attracted a following in the tens of thousands. A weekly podcast, hosted by LePage, experiences more than 7,000 downloads per month. Entrepreneur Architect also features an exclusive academy program where like-minded architects come together to discuss common challenges and learn new skills for running their firms.

"We see enormous potential in Mark and his business," says Todd L. Reding, chief operations officer and vice president for investments at Charrette Venture Group. "Entrepreneur Architect will be the global leader in providing education, support and information to small firm architects seeking to make their practices better."

Charrette Venture Group is a global venture firm focused on professional designers of the built environment. The group seeks to positively impact the way new and growing design firms operate throughout the world. For more information contact Todd L. Reding at

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