How Does Your Firm Compare? Find Out with a $500 Discount in March.

CVG Offers Stand-Alone Business Assessments for Small to Mid-Sized Architecture Firms

Firm owners regularly engage CVG’s leadership team to explore how their business practices compare to industry standards. Our deep-dive into the financial, operational, and marketing/business development health of your practice reveals how you excel and identifies actionable areas for improvement. At the end of the Business Assessment process you’ll have a clear benchmark of your firm’s performance and specific actions that can improve future profitability.

The best part? CVG works exclusively with small and mid-sized design firms, so we bring a very specific perspective to the table. We respect what makes you unique -- and we’ll work with you to leverage those qualities to achieve more profitability and a healthier work/life balance.

If you’ve worked with larger corporate consulting firms, you know that one size does not fit all when it comes to advising small architectural practices.

We have a defined process and deliverables for CVG’s Business Assessment. Here’s what you can expect:

  • CVG submits a request for past financial statements, payroll details, proposals, partnership agreements, etc.

  • Once all materials are received, we input key data points into our Profit Planning Spreadsheet and apply our proprietary formulas.

  • We review your website, messaging, brand strength, social media, communications, business development activities etc.

  • You receive a comparative report demonstrating key financial performance indicators, short-term profit planning, and recommendations for improvement. You also receive an assessment of your marketing and business development program with an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses and actionable recommendations.

  • Throughout this process you will meet with members of CVG’s team of experts. We will ask several questions along the way and walk you through the findings presented in our Final Assessment Report.

The total time for the assessment ranges from four to six weeks, once the materials requested are received.  

The Business Assessment is provided for $3,500.00. In March 2019 CVG is offering the Assessment for $3,000.

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“The information that CVG provided for our firm through the business assessment process was extremely helpful, to say the least. The assessment contained a long list of encouragements of what we were doing well and helpful recommendations on how to get better. We actually knew a lot of things that we were not doing well, but we were unclear and overwhelmed on how to improve in those deficiencies.

During the process we were given practical and achievable steps that were the perfect segue to further growth for our firm. I would highly recommend CVG’s business assessment to any firm that wants to be the best version of themselves that they can be.”

Sims Key, Principal