Charrette Venture Group - Virtual Bookkeeping
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$1,000 setup + $400 per month

(Tier One package for firms 1-3 employees under $250K in annual revenue)

Do you enjoy reconciling the bank account, generating financial reports, creating new invoices and paying bills?  Then why not delegate these activities to people who do them every day.

The Charrette Venture Group Virtual Bookkeeping team provides basic bookkeeping services for professional design firms so owners can focus on running their business.


Charrette Venture Group’s Virtual Bookkeeping Program includes:


A professional consultation with a financial expert to ensure everything is properly organized
A plan and timeline for transitioning the management of bookkeeping services
Day­-to­-day management of your financial transactions
Reconciling with your bank account
Updating and managing your online QuickBooks account
Generating monthly financial statements
Payroll administration
Invoicing services

Speak with us today to see how this works for your firm.




See what Charrette Venture Group can do for your architecture firm.