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Architecture Design

A note from the Founder, Matt Ostanik:

“After working as a licensed architect, I founded and led a construction software company, Submittal Exchange. In a five year period, we grew from two employees to more than 100 and more than 100,000 users of our software. I later sold Submittal Exchange to Textura Corporation and remained its president through Textura’s initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange.

The experience of starting, growing and eventually selling a company taught me so many lessons about entrepreneurship, business and life. Now I want to apply these lessons to my original passion; the practice of architecture.

In the technology world, there is an overwhelming supply of resources to help new and growing companies. There are constant business plan competitions, pitch sessions, incubator programs, mentor circles, research, etc. etc. However, in the design space there is very little to aid for these entrepreneurs.

The ultimate goal of Charrette Venture Group is to serve as an investment firm that helps growing design firms. Investments can be in the form of capital, or they can be technology, mentoring and business advice, marketing and business development support, or other expertise and resources. We seek to be a long-term partner who takes a stake in both the risk and the reward of the firm’s success.”

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